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Hey, I am Benas 👋 See what I am working on right now → | SEO Entrepreneur 🚀

If you are here for a quick answer, here it is:

I made a website that I monetized with Amazon affiliate and then eventually sold it.

The crazy part is was that I actually documented my first 3 months quite in-depth on a /juststart subreddit as a case study 3 years ago! Although I did not really follow-through, you can still see my thought process behind building the site in the first few months:

Okay, let’s get down to business and go over the fun stuff first:

Podcasting — a peculiar self-expression medium, wouldn’t you say so? The day I decided to dig into the history and the future of podcasting, I was surprised by what I found.

Podcasts are basically an evolved version of a radio show. The same way Netflix, Youtube, and every other video streaming service can be compared to cable TV.

And it makes sense in this world. The same way you want to access your favorite TV show anytime, anywhere, on any device and even binge-watch the whole season within one day, podcasts provide all of the same values.

Contrary to video…

Originally published at on April 4, 2020.

Yes, this is happening. Are you excited as I am? Probably not… After all, I am just another stranger on the internet making a podcast.

But if you are curious, then hop on this train!

Okay, I am done — let’s begin for real 🙂

I am creating a podcast that will be about building websites, SEO, affiliate marketing, business experiments, and everything in between.

The goal is to have something more regular (like a weekly podcast) and have people more engaged + I think I will enjoy making these, as the…

Benas Leonavicius

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